Coloured Sound

Joe Jordan is the creator of Coloured Sound, a fusion that uses the combination of music, art and technology to provide healing experiences.

At the age of 13 Joe began playing the drum kit which has been a driving passion in his life ever since. Coming from a Jazz background Joe learnt to play music by ear which allowed him to develop an intuitive, improvised style. As well as music, Joe always had a love for Art and Design. This became his main focus throughout education, however he never stopped playing the drum kit and always knew that one day he would follow his dreams of becoming a professional musician. After studying Graphic Design at Sheffield Hallam University, Joe became a Visual Artist and developed his own unique style of Liquid Art taking inspiration from the 60's style liquid light show movement. 

This is where Joe found his love for creating and showcasing live visuals (VJing) as part of musical experiences.

Shortly after this Joe travelled to Bali where he discovered the Handpan. This gave him the opportunity to combine his love of music, art and visuals all into one and sparked the idea to create Coloured Sound incorporating all that he loved into one musical fusion. With his knowledge of rhythm, and a natural ability to improvise the handpan opened up a whole new dimension of music making possibilities for Joe enabling him to compose full songs as a solo musician. The Handpan also opened up a new pathway for healing others with sound vibration and so Joe began creating his debut music release, 'The Rhythm of HANG'. As well as recording the album himself, Joe created a full visual experience using his liquid art visuals. This allowed Joe to channel all of his creativity by combining his Love of music and art into one project, creating the first coloured sound experience.

After finishing his first album Joe then travelled to Sri Lanka where he began playing music for yoga and meditation classes, as well as also teaching others about music and art.
Sri Lanka became a second home for Joe and also gave him time to develop his love of yoga and surfing. In the summer months Joe returned back to the UK for the music festival season. This is where he discovered Sacred Geometry which inspired in him a new direction to explore, sparking the idea to record his second Handpan album 'Sacred Vibrations'.

Today Joe travels around the world teaching others about how they can channel their energy into creative practices as well as offering sound healing wherever he goes. 
Joe is constantly creating new music and art, as well as collaborating with other people he meets on his travels.

If you would like to make a donation to help support Joe on his creative journey please click the donate button below

Love and Blessings to all
Coloured Sound © 2018 
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